Welcome to Evolution Racing Leagues

We are the home of RSR Racing League Cup Series, Adrenaline Rush Racing League Truck Series, and the all new ARCA Evolution Series.  RSR and Adrenaline Rush have merged to bring drivers with all different levels of experience together to race together, improve our skills, have fun and build new friendships.  Our mission is to provide clean and competitive racing on all levels with a focus on putting on the best races in all of ESports.  All of our RSR and Adrenaline Rush races are broadcasted.

RSR Racing League is a Cup Series IRacing League that has evolved from experiences in other leagues over years. This league is a fixed setup league with limited tire sets, stage racing, individual and team points championships.  Ryan Ezell and Scott Taylor have pioneered this league and have elevated it to a premier status and continue to bring new things to the table to bring the drivers to new levels.  This league is a Team concept so every driver has the ability to sign with a team and work together towards a common goal all while building their skills.  RSR is broadcasted live Tuesday nights at 9:30 PM EST on OSRNetwork.

Adrenaline Rush Racing League is a Truck Series IRacing League that is in its premier season. This league is a modified fixed setup league with limited tire sets.  The first season has provided some great racing from a great group of drivers that have shown they have what it takes to make lap after lap cleanly and competitively.  Even though the league is in its frist season, it has earned a reputation for racing with very few cautions in the first 7 races of the season running 150 mile length tracks.  This league was developed by Michael Sheffield after learning what pitfalls were noted while running in multiple leagues for a few seasons.  The focus of this league is clean and competitive driving where race strategy plays a major part of the winners success.  Adrenaline Rush is broadcasted live Monday nights at 8:00 PM EST on Full Velocity Racing Network.

ARCA Evolution Series is an ARCA series IRacing League that is just kicking off with recruitment and racing.  This league is a fixed setup league.  This league is a development series league for new drivers and drivers that want to build their skills.  Ryan , Scott and Michael are working together on this league with the goal of these drivers working their way up to the Cup and Truck Series leagues.  The Cup Series teams have an ARCA driver on their rosters to help the newer drivers with building their skills and understanding strategy while having fun in a team environment.









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